The Red Seraphim

Red Seraphim started with the lack of opportunity. When you think about it, it’s actually very funny, since endeavors are about opportunities exploited by clever (or lucky) individuals.  Not so with Red Seraphim.

So what’s Red Seraphim? It’s a gaming startup, where I am a co-founder.

Quite a few of my friends and people I met in the MBA program at Santa Clara University were interested in getting into gaming. Every opening we ran into either required us to be a QA tester for years and years, and maybe move up the ladder. If we wanted to make the games themselves, we needed experience with a launched game title. So how the heck do you have experience with a launch when the entry level positions require previous experience?

Fine. If no doors are open, we make one. And Red Seraphim is that door for all of us, founder, manager, or intern.


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