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This morning on the radio (KQED!), I heard a dad’s reflection on a time where he brought his son to a Pokemon card game tournament. As a gamer, I found it oddly touching. Often, we who enjoy our private gaming worlds share a language that others find gibberish, get excited about things that others scratch their heads at and think, “What’s the big deal?”

There is still a persistent lack of empathy for what nerdlings love, be it a Pokemon card game, a D&D session, or the latest video game. It goes both ways, I’ll admit. A lot of fellow gamers I’ve met don’t seem to understand that they’re not being understood when they speak of their passions. On the other hand, those who don’t understand the feeling that designer Jane McGonigal has described as “fiero”, are often dismissive. Yet one dad decided to take a glimpse into his own son’s life and gave it some recognition, and had it broadcasted on radio.

You can hear this Perspective here:


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